Why Bunna ?
A History of Trust and Dependability

Our Company incorporates the needs and service expectations of its customers in each of the decisions it make. In line with this, the Company has its own customer service guideline and customer complaint handling system.

The ten commandments of the company for efficient customer service

  • Customers are the most important persons for our company!
  • Customers are not dependent on us, but they are the basis of our company!
  • Customers are not an interruption to our work rather they are the reason to be at work!
  • Serving customers is not doing a favor!
  • Treat customers better than you would want to be treated!
  • Customers are not someone to argue with or match wits with!
  • It is our duty to satisfy the needs, wants and expectation of customers and whenever possible, resolve their fears and complaints!
  • Customers deserve the most attentive, courteous and professional treatment!
  • Customers are the life-blood of our business!
  • Be concerned & take time to serve each customer!
    We Give Priority For Customer Satisfaction.
    We are Proud to server our customers!
  • Our Company has a wide and diversified customer base including prominent enterprises and individuals. Its number of customers reached more than 20,000.
    Our Best Services Made Us Preferable.

    Bunna Insurance has unique features, primarily focused on customer service delivery. In every of the Company’s service units we have unique service quality standards, and other customer service features as mentioned under:

    • Unique Service Quality Standard
    • Unique pricing standard
    • Customer service benefits and award program

    In addition to these, the following elements make Bunna Insurance S.C. unique and preferable in the eyes of our customers.

    • Customer care and support (Pre and post-sale advice and trainings)
    • Easy and flexible organizational structure
    • Prompt decision making
    • Young and energetic work force
    • Door to door service to major clients
      Quality Staffs

      Our Staffs are the back bone of our company. serving customers honestly with great hospitality is their unique feature. they work with high energy and with a Greate belongingness.