Motor Insurance


Motor insurance provides cover for all types of vehicles and motor bike which is used for own transport or commercial transport. The following are the main types of coverage under motor insurance.

Own damage

This coverage reimburses the insured for accident and loss occurred on vehicle due to: Collision, Overturning, Fire, Lightening and Free falling objects.

Vehicles insured against third party risk (VIATPR)

Gives cover as per the Vehicle Accident Compulsory Legal Liability, for bodily injury, death, disability, medical expenses and emergency treatment costs and damage to third party property.

Motor Third party, Fire and Theft

Coverage for accident and loss occurred on your vehicle due to: Fire, Lightening, and theft in addition to the Motor Third Party Compulsory Liability cover described above.

It is also possible also possible to add covers for the following risk types :-
  •  Bandit, Pirates(Shifta) and Gorilla Fighter (BSG)
  •  PAB(Personal Accident Benefit) – Gives cover if you, your families or employees (of organization) face bodily injury by accident, encounters death or permanent disability, this additional cover compensate up to 10,000.00 ETB.
  • Territorial Limit Extension – To Djibouti, Sudan, Kenya and other neighboring countries.
  •  Increased insurance beyond Third party (TP) Liability Limit that can be compensated by the insurer.