Liability Insurance

Public Liability

This policy is designed for any entity like owners, company, industry, factory, business or traders and alike who have a legal (tort / non contractual) obligation of due care against the member of the public or others. This insurance cover focuses on civil wrongs, breach of due care (standard by which one would expect to be treated) on the eye of law. This policy will indemnify the insured against all sums which the insured become legally liable to pay for compensation in respect of bodily injury, death, permanent or temporary disability or illness of any person; loss of or damage to property, all costs and expenses of litigation and other related costs and expense.

Carriers Liability

This policy is designed for transporter or carriers of goods and properties by truck, railway, sea vessel, air craft, and any conveyance upon accidental loss or physical damage to tangible goods & property whilst carried or in transit in the course of or in connection with the business or payment. The policy provides cover for actual and physical loss or damage to goods, properties or merchandise directly caused by collision, overturning, derailment, collapse of bridge, free falling object and fire whilst such goods or merchandise are actually transported by the insured conveyance.

Professional Indemnity

This policy is designed to give cover for all professionals & experts like architect, consultants, advisors, independent loss adjusters, independent surveyors, loss assessors, accountants, lawyers, auditors, insurance and other professionally licensed intermediaries, medical and pharmaceutical professionals, and other accredited & qualified professional. When a professional is engaged to provide a specialist service, then that professional owes a duty of care by virtue of his contract or retainer with the client, to provide the best possible service, works, and advice to that client. If a professional breaches his or her duty of care or provides a sub-standard service which causes a financial loss on the client, then the victim of such professional negligence is entitled to bring a claim for compensation.